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    Only the Finest for 40 Years

    Northern Pool is a team-driven company that shares a single vision based on four core values: Accountability, Integrity, Commitment to Excellence, and Safety.

Twin Cities Plaster Experts

Many of our team members have been working with us for 15+ years. That is why we provide the best quality pool finish in the industry.



Bondcoating is the process of adhering new plaster to a solid bondable surface, whether a new build or a previously plastered pool. Our methods are unparalleled, and our system results in plaster that bonds for life.

Highest-Rated Tile

We use the best tiles on the market and install them using the highest quality thin-sets on the market.

Click below to see a sample of the quality materials we offer.

Decorative/Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete can add beauty to any commercial or residential pool or spa. We have many colors, patterns, and textures to choose from.

Stamped Concrete

Cast-in-Place Coping

We specialize in cast-in-place coping, which is rebar reinforced and lasts longer than individual coping brick or stone.

Leak Detection

Northern Pool Restoration uses LeakTronics electronic leak detection to find and fix the cracks and leaks in your pool. This technology is non-invasive and accurate, saving you money in water and repairs.


Northern Pool Restoration specializes in in-ground concrete swimming pool plastering and restoration for both residential and commercial projects, from a back yard spa to water parks, from the very basic pool restoration to the highly detailed.

We specialize in commercial and residential indoor and outdoor pools, spas, and water parks for municipalities, schools, hotels, motels, parks, and private homes in the Twin Cities metro area and surrounding states. Northern Pool Restoration Pool services include:

  • Plastering and resurfacing
  • Plaster patching
  • Tiling and tile repair
  • Coping
  • Concrete pool decks
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Urethane injection for crack repair

To see examples and pictures of our latest projects, visit our pool, spa, and water park restoration project portfolio.

An important aspect of our experience includes the value of understanding the unique challenges of our climate and what it takes to plaster in Minnesota and surrounding states. That experience makes a difference in the quality and durability of the finished plaster job. As pool restoration and plastering contractors, we have a reputation for excellent workmanship that we work hard to maintain on every job.

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