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Plaster Resurfacing for Homeowners

Northern Pool Restoration provides the highest quality plaster finish in the industry.  This is achieved through our years of experience, top quality material, and best equipment in the state.

With over 40 years of plastering and restoration work experience on hundreds of in-ground pools and spas in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota, our reputation for the highest quality workmanship in swimming pool remodeling is unmatched.

Northern Pool Restoration offers a free estimate. Our proposals are straight forward, outlining the cost, materials to be used, and work to be done.

Will painting my pool help the plaster?

Oftentimes swimming pools are painted to get additional life out of the old plaster. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix. Since the plaster is still old, the paint will quickly begin to peel, which can cut feet and get caught in your filter system. This quick fix can end up costing the home owner a lot more money over time. Paint causes the pools chemistry to go off and more chemicals are needed to balance the pool. Another cost is when it is time to re-plaster the pool all the layers of paint will have to be removed.